Alice. 24. female. NY.

optimistic, cheerful, shy, sometimes silly, sometimes serious, introverted, always anxious, always daydreaming. loves nature, reading, writing, music, pretty/cute things, animals, children, faerie tales, romance, sleeping in, hot cocoa, strawberries, dresses and skirts, learning new things. fiercely loyal and protective of my loved ones, will always stand up for what's right, intent on changing the world.

I've been fighting chronic lyme for over 15 years now. If you have a chronic illness and need to talk, I'm here. <3

All donations go to: treatment for my Chronic Lyme and co-infection, dental work for my mother, other medical bills/co-pays, getting a used car, preparing to move before our house is foreclosed on, groceries, and gas money. If you want proof that I'm on disability and am not lying, then please ask, and I will provide documentation.